W/W - Broxton is a BIG BOY now...

Okay, so we all knew I would be posting the haircut pictures today...
It is Wordless/Wordful Wednesday, you know?!

Broxton turned one this past Thursday. We went and got his first haircut!
My friend, Allyson (at THE INDUSTRY in Albany, Georgia) is the one that gave him his very first haircut. Let me tell you, he wiggled and squirmed and EVERYTHING else he could do... He wanted to go and see what the other girls were doing. He wanted to go and see how the bathroom looked... I ended up having to hold him. (yeah, it did not really help!)
Allyson was great though... She worked with all the movement and I think his haircut looks great!
She even gave him a little certificate saying he got his first haircut there. It even had a little baggie to put his first little curl in!!!

So, here ya go...

This is Broxton a day or two before his birthday. LOL, yeah, his hair is long... and yep! He is loving his snack! :)

Now, the after...

Now, he looks like such a BIG BOY! Where did my little baby go?! :)

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  1. Oh my goodness, your big boy is totally adorable. What a cute haircut, too.

  2. Oh, he is adorable! Why do hair cuts seem to just snip away the baby look???

  3. My little guy is growing up too. They don't seem to want to stay little.

  4. I LOVE the cheeks. He is so adorable Noelle! You are so blessed!

  5. So, so cute! You must be wanting to kiss those cheeks all the time. :)

  6. Awww... they always look so much older after their first haircut. He is adorable.

  7. So cute! They grow up too fast, don't they? :') Happy Wednesday!

  8. I'm missing my baby too....they grow up so fast. Such cute photos!

  9. Love his new hair. Hope he enjoyed his birthday!!!

  10. Precious baby! Look at those eyes!!!

  11. Aww the firsts. I think I still have hair somewhere from the firsts :)

    Your boy is just adorable!

    Happy Belated birthday to him!

  12. Oh my, I cannot believe how grown up the hair cut makes him look! I hope you sent Marc a picture. He is going to be so proud - I know he showed everyone in his unit!
    Broxton is such a beautiful boy, thanks for sharing the photo.


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