Aloha Friday - # 48

Aloha and Good Day! :)
Time to hop around and visit a few other Aloha Friday Participants...
Then relax and enjoy your weekend!

My question:

If you could have any hair color, what would it be?

My answer...
I am a redhead and that is just fine with me!
I like it, not everyone has it!
(and from what I have seen, when I get older, it will go white, not grey!!!)

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Blond every time I go to get it done it never comes out right. I want a natural looking blond =)

  2. Not gray! :)

    Have a great Friday!

  3. I would just be happy with my own back, instead of this gray. Brown.

  4. I like dark hair - dark, dark brown. I think it's one of the few colors that never need artificial color.

  5. I've always had three or four shades of brown, but it's been dull. I went to Beauty School when I was 16, and have been dying my hair ever since. I was a blond for a very long time, but my hair got like a horses tail, and I wanted softness back. I colored my hair back to it's natural color or at least what I thought it was lol, but now I do frost my hair, and rinse the gray away!

  6. I like the color I am, which is dark brown!

  7. I am blonde, and I like it, but I just got my hair done yesterday and I went darker, which I also like :)

  8. I've dyed my hair a lot of colors but in the end I find I am happier with my natural brown.

  9. I like my dark brown hair. I would prefer less white though. =P

  10. I'm like Harriet and Pam. I have SO much gray on my head now it is pathetic. My natural color was a blend of light & dark brown and red. I always loved the red and died it red for years until it got too expensive... I would love to have the red back.


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