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Remember a few years ago when gas prices went sky high?
I do!
My dad called me and told me to fill the tank, they were going to keep rising!
So, I left and went to fill it up!
After waiting in line.....
FOR AGES..........
I finally filled my car up!

I then went to work to let them all know.
I worked in a sports bar, so I asked my co-worker if she wanted me to go fill her car for her.
She would not be getting off of work until the wee hours of the next morning, and they were talking about gas running out!
As I sat... and waited, they raised the prices!
It went from like $4.??
to $6.??

It was nuts!
People were fighting and arguing...
Pumps were running out...

Did you have chaos like that?

I found these pics of all the cars waiting and that was what reminded me!


  1. I think in the 70's there was a gas shortage and the lines were much the same way. I remember adults (cuz I'm not THAT old) really having to be careful about where they drove.

  2. Great story! I remember waiting for ages in line at the gas station in the 70s (I was very, very young!)--but I haven't experienced that since I've been driving.

    I've heard that New Jersey gas stations are only allowed to change the price once a day. I don't know if that's true or just a rumor!

  3. I remember my parents only being allowed to get gas on certain days. There were odd and even days depending on your license plate.
    It was complete chaos and there were fights and people had to really plan where and when they were going places.


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