Music Moves Me Monday

I am linking up with XMAS DOLLY today...
After an emotional weekend for everyone...
I wanted to try and put a smile on your face! :)

They played this at Disney when we were there..
Yes, I got out there with the boys and TRIED to dance!
HA HA HA!!!!!!


  1. OH Yes Oh Yes I remember this one Good one!!

  2. I can do that! HaHa Very good! Totally love it. Thanks for playing, and oh how true after this weekend this song is definitely needed. Very good. Have a great day! LOL

  3. I know the steps for this dance, but I have never been able to do it without looking so "white" (no offense intended to anyone) - I just have no rythym. I cannot dance!
    This was a great pick for today's meme, thanks for playing this week.
    Hope you had a terrific weekend!

  4. Hi Noelle! Great choice. For a while there I couldn't go to a wedding without having to do the Electric Slide - but it's a lot of fun! I'm now following you and your cute little "Bean" (he's adorable) Hope you come slide by my blog too when you get the chance. Smile. Happy Monday!

  5. I had to get up and dance with my four year old to this one! Great pick!

  6. How fun! I love all these dance picks. I'm visiting from Xmas Dolly, but I also host a Music Monday meme. Come on over and join the fun! :-)

  7. OMG - This week is good - I'm sitting here remember when I threw my back out at prom to this song. I was skinny back then too. I don't know what happened! :)

    I'm following you!


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