Aloha Friday - # 56

Get ready for the weekend everyone!
It is FRIDAY!!!!!

You know what that means...

My question this week:

Who develops your prints?

My answer -

I normally wait until I find a special going on...
Then my main 4 sources are:
Shutterfly, Snapfish, Walgreens and Rite Aid...

What about you?

Enjoy your weekend!

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Perfect for the holidays!!!!


  1. Hmmm...I haven't had any developed in so long but the last time was Walmart. I'm thinking of trying some of those that you have listed too.
    Happy Aloha Friday!!

  2. Always have gone through Snapfish and have them developed by Walgreens...but it has been years, they are all on the computer or backed up somewhere! :)

  3. Um, yea... I hardly ever actually get my pics printed. They are all on my laptop! Or my husbands PC.

  4. I use Walgreens. I love it when they have deals. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Now that I use digital, I print them out myself! :)

  6. We haven't printed any photos for quite a while. We tend to use Costco online.

    We have a new Rite Aid in a convenient location; maybe I'll give them a try when there's a special offer.

  7. We are VERY bad at getting photos actually printed. When we knew we want them and have time we love Winkflash. Great quality, prices, and reasonable shipping. We have also made photo books from them. If I am in a hurry, usually CVS.

  8. Mostly walgreens. Though we need to find a place that can do bigger prints for putting some on our wall.

  9. I still go to Walgreen's (sometimes through Snapfish) when I have the need. I recently developed some disposable cameras and there were fun and I admit I use having prints in hand to look at.

  10. I do it myself. I use a digital camera now. Have two printers. I use the one the will give me the best photo. A photo color cartage is the best and really does make a difference.
    I think I stopped sending them out some thine back in the nineties.
    My aloha Fiday link for you making it easier to visit.

  11. I do them from home.

    Have a great Friday!

  12. Walmart Photo Center through their website or sometimes at the store for fewer prints.

  13. I usually just send them to Target off of Kodak Gallery.. I sometimes do you a pro shop for portraits.

  14. We actually don't print often, I tend to make photo books or calendars a couple times a year and print one or two at home sometimes. When we do make prints, it's usually at Walmart.

  15. I usually just go for Walgreens-We have one right up the road from us and it's just easy to submit my order online and go pick it up the next day :)

    Happy Friday!!

  16. I haven't develop a picture in I dont know how long, but last time was Walmart.

    Yara @ Once Upon a Twilight!

  17. I'm awful at developing. with the thousands of photos we take each month, I just save them on my computer.

    I'd wait for a deal like that too and develop some. I keep wanting to do that. I should before it get's overwhelming.

  18. I don't print often. I usually just save them on the computer or to a flash drive and share with friends and family. If I do, I print from home.

  19. Since I have them all on computer and backed-up on F-Secure online (BTW, a fantastic company) I hardly ever get any printed. When I do want some printed, I do it myself. I just recently printed some of the dogs for the woman who we are sitting for because I did a photo shoot with all six dogs. They came out great on my Kodak ESP printer with Kodak premium paper.

  20. I don't typically have them printed very often. The last time I had any done I used MPIX.

  21. New follower! Looking forward to hearing more from you.


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