W/ W - Mommy's Helper

The other day, I was finishing up wrapping a couple of the last presents...
Then I heard the sound of tape being pulled...
I came around the corner to see that Broxton did not think I had taped the present well enough.
He had to add more!
Of course, it was cute...
So, I had to snap a few pictures!

( Please over look the mis-matched pajama's.
This was when we were all sick and I just did not feel like changing WHOLE outfits every time... Just what needed to be changed!)


  1. How cute! Your son is just so adorable! Love the look of innocence!

    Joyeux Noël, Noelle!

  2. A great helper! Ok...so maybe not. ;) Such a cutie!

    I'm thinking of having my oldest help wrap presents next year. I wanted to do that this year, but I had a lot of wrapping paper to use up. I plan on buying brown craft paper to wrap presents in. Then get stickers or foam decor to paste on the the paper. He's going to be 6 1/2 next year, which will make him a little more coordinated.

    My youngest has been doing what your son did with the tape; only with toilet paper. He's been trying to wipe himself after he's done his duty. He's really quite about it. I'm afraid he'll clog up the toilet one of these days.

  3. How sweet that you have such an adorable helper. I remember my boys helping me wrap presents when they were little. I loved the way they looked and never fixed them because they were just so darned cute.
    Thanks for sharing such great photos.

  4. Too cute, mommy's little helper! Sorry to hear you've been sick!

  5. So cute, my kids are always trying to "help" me out too!

  6. Ahhh, That's cute. Just stopping by to say thank you again. Winning one of your giveaways made our holiday just a little more special.

  7. That is just too adorable!
    CJR @ The Mommy Blog

  8. So cute! Allie is like that too - use all the tape on the roll! :)


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