MMMM - New Kids On The Block

Favorite group?
I will say New Kids On The Block...
I picked Hangin Tough...
OLD SCHOOL here...
(Like Elementary!)

Here is to a great Monday!!!!


  1. lol....I liked them when I was in middle school..WOW brings back memories!

  2. We saw those guys News Years Eve on the
    Dick Clark Show. All I can say is time marches on. I hit the follow button. Guess that means I'm following you.

  3. Wow, are they young here. My hubby & I watched Ryan Seacrest & Jenny McCarthy on the Dick Clark Show & New kids on the block & ... crap what was that other on... you know the one Justin Timberlake was in. BRAIN FREEZE! Oh well the two of them were singing & dancing together, but they're all grown up now that's for sure! hehehe Yep, thanks for playing along & hope to see you next week too!

  4. I almost posted them..lmao =)

  5. How could I leave out NKOTB? Thanks for picking up the slack for me... :) Love them! :)

    MMMM: Eclectic Mix

  6. This makes me smile because this meme is showing me more of them and if it wasn't for this meme I wouldn't have known what they sound like.

    Thanks for sharing.

    aloha! :)

  7. Oh boy, I'm glad I was checking to make sure if I got everyone & I don't see my comment. Well, if you find one just delete this if you like or leave it. HI GIRLFRIEND! How's it goin? How's that beautiful baby boy of yours? I haven't seen a pic of him in a while! Gonna have to go browsing here. Hope all is well. I saw these guys New Years Eve all grown up! Man time flies. They were awesome & danced & sang with oh crap what was the name of that group Justin Timberlake use to sing with... well, anyway it was way cool! Thanks for playing along. Hope to see you next week - take it light!

  8. oh my goodness. it has been sooooo long! LOL!

  9. Awesome, they were like the shiznit back in the day. And that was my favorite song, in fact I knew the whole dance, lol!

  10. I so remember that one!!! How could you not love it!!!They were all so cute!


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