Georgia Aquarium - Part One

Broxton and I met a friend of mine at the Georgia Aquarium the other day.
I was looking forward to seeing his excitement at all the fish...
and I was also really hoping to get a couple great photo's to share with you.
(Yep, that did not work out so much...)

I am posting a couple pictures today... and more tomorrow.
Hope you come back both days to check them out!

Once we got there, Broxton could have stayed for hours and hours just watching the fish go by.
He loved it and was really in awe seeing them all.
We eventually had to move so that other people could enjoy and Broxton just could not figure out why we could not stay there ALL DAY LONG.
Plans to get an amazing picture of the Jelly Fish was a total BUST...
But, I did try, so I wanted to show you.
You always see them floating around, but I have never seen one that was all tangled up.
(Guess I wasn't the only one, as I heard a couple other people talking about it as well)
Then, I LOVED the colors in this one, so I tried...
And tried and tried and did I mention, TRIED to get a good picture of it.
Also, have I mentioned how thankful I am for digital?
Wow, I could not afford to print all the thousands of pictures I take!
At this point, we were on the lookout for, you guessed it...
There were three of them in there and they kept hiding! Ha!
Of course, everyone had to stay there a bit and Broxton wasn't the only one yelling out "Nemo!!!!"

Have you been to the Aquarium before?
Not just meaning the Georgia one... but any of them...
Any pointers on getting great shots without lugging a tripod with me?!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. great pictures! i wish i could have been there. but duty called.

  2. I love going to the aquarium. I find it so completely peaceful and relaxing!

  3. We have been to the GA aquarium twice and we love it. We went to the Fl aquarium and it just doesn't even compare! I didn't get very good pics, but I think yours are good.

  4. Those are great photos... love them all!
    My boys adore aquariums to this day.
    We have been to Disney World that has an incredible one of course and we LOVE the one in Boston... :)
    Can't wait for more photos.


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