Georgia Aquarium - Part Two

Yesterday I posted about Broxton and I going to the Georgia Aquarium the other day.
Most times, I am the one taking the pictures, or I am holding the camera trying to do the one armed self portrait...
Luckily, I was able to get Himee to take a picture to show that it was Mommy that took Broxton to the Aquarium for the day...
Of course, he was to busy looking everywhere but at the camera...
Still, it is proof!
Not sure what this creature was, but I thought they were so funny looking that I just HAD to get a picture of it. Do you know what it is?
Now this guy...
I have never seen anything like it...
And until I go to the Aquarium again, I doubt I will see it again.
I forgot what it is called, but it looked like it had piercings on it.
They had a tank full of these guys and Broxton and I watched for a bit just to see them hanging out... I was trying to get a good picture..
And then HE. LOOKED. AT. ME!
Look at that face...
It is like he is asking what I am looking at...
Then, we finally got a picture of Broxton looking at the camera!
I love this boy!
I hope that he looks back on these days and remembers all the fun times we tried to share with him each and every single day!

Have you been anywhere fun lately?


  1. Its called a Lion Fish!! They are aggressive salt water fish. They eat other fish but blending into their surrounding areas. One of my favs!!

  2. I love the joint smiles! What a great time you had!

  3. I LOVE your photos... Those are both my fave kind of fish that I try to get photos of whenever I go to an aquarium or to Disney World.
    Aren't they just the coolest things????
    I LOVE that last photo of you and Broxton, you both look so happy and you can tell he had a wonderful time.
    I know that he will remember what you did for him and all the time you spent with him. You are a great mom!

  4. How fun! What great pictures you got. We went last fall with the boys and they had a blast too. You can read about our fun experience here: Hope you're having a good weekend. Wish the weather was a little better, but at least the rain is getting rid of the pollen right? Or at least that is what I'm trying to convince myself of anyway. LOL!

  5. Got your comment - Thanks! We didn't have hail that I am aware of, but it has been absolutely crazy down pours of rain. And thunder and lightening. Good sleeping weather (or at least I'm hoping!). As for our vehicles? Well, we have a two car garage and haven't parked either vehicle in it for years due to an over abundance of junk in there. And lack of time (and energy) to clean it out. Haha!


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