SimplyToImpress - Review

Having Broxton, I was so excited to become a mommy!
We emailed everyone...
Sent tons of text messages...

BUT, while we were enjoying the fact that we had a precious little miracle, we were also dealing with the fact that daddy was deploying and would be missing everything that was ahead.
I totally got swept up into the moment of enjoying every single second of having Marc and Broxton together...
So much that I never got around to sending out birth announcements.
I had planned on doing so, as I think that they are the cutest things... EVER.

Next time around, I know that we will send announcements to anyone and everyone!
With that being said, I am always checking out the different companies and what they offer for announcements...
(As well as birthday invitations, Broxton has had low key parties so far with just family, but I know that we will be doing bigger ones soon... )

I was able to review the different types of announcements that SimplyToImpress has to offer.
The paper quality is a very sturdy card stock that is sure to last, whether it is hanging on the fridge, placed in a frame/scrapbook or stored away in a keepsake box.
The pictures are amazingly printed as well!
For the BABY BOY ANNOUNCEMENTS, these are my top three.
I like this, as it has the birth information on one side and the picture on the other.
Very simple and sweet.
I like this one, as don't we all think OUR baby is the next cover model?

I really like this one...
Square... Simple... Main focus is the baby, with the birth information at the bottom.
I also think that the picture quality is best on this paper/print type.

Besides the adorable baby boy announcements, you can also pick up Birthday Cards...
They have several categories to help you pick!
Twin Birthday Party Invitations.
Those are just to name a few.......

SimplyToImpress is also a great place to get your THANK YOU Cards...
Please, remember those...
I think that Thank You cards are a dying tradition...
One that I wish would stay...
A simple note of thanks will make someones day!

With all to choose from, I will leave you with my favorite of all of them...

More than anything, I love the Satin Finish.
It just pushes home the sweetness of this little one.

All of the cards from SimplyToImpress allow you to add a smaller picture and text on the back...
I think that is just an added bonus!!!!
Stop on by to see what they have that fits your needs for the next announcement/gathering!

Follow them on FACEBOOK, as well as TWITTER.

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation


  1. You so need to have little girl next. I love the invite.

  2. I didn't do them either, but made sure to send out pics at Christmas. Which kind of worked. When we have another baby I want to send them out though, so thanks for sharing!


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