Step Right Up! Little Looster Review (EXTRA ENTRIES!)

We have been attempting potty training for a little bit now.
I know they say that boys seem to take longer, maybe that is why we started before he was two.

Or maybe people start before that and we are really behind?
I don't know.
I also know that I am not going to try and beat everyone else in the milestones for us.
Yes, I would love for us to be right up there, but if I put to much focus, things won't be fun...
and I want FUN!

Let me introduce you to the Little Looster.
(It is made in the USA! I like that!)
I saw this on another blog and I have to say, I wanted one.
I wanted to know how it exactly worked.

Could you really put it in front of the toilet and then not move it when an adult needed to use it?
How would that work?

Luckily for me, I was able to review one.
This is seriously pretty cool.

You just place the Looster under your toilet.
It wraps around UNDER the bowl, giving leverage for little legs, but not big and bulky and becoming in the way for adults!

I immediately placed it in our bathroom and sat on the toilet.
Not in my way, no need to shove it out of the way!
Then, I had Marc come and stand in front and pretend he was going to the bathroom.
(I know, but I wanted to see if it would be in his way!)
Nope, there are holes cut out that your feet can slide into if you need to be closer.

Now, the true test...
He likes to face the wall, so as to easily flush...
LoL, please tell me that he isn't the only boy that uses the potty that way.
Well, the Little Looster allows him to climb on up there.
I think once we have established a better routine, he will be better at sitting forwards and taking full advantage of the Little Looster.

I personally think that the Little Looster should be in all nurseries/preschools.
Think about the GERMS that can get on the step stools.
If you have the Little Looster, you can rest easy, as you are not having to move it for the different children. (As well as them thinking that they need to move a step stool themselves... it is already in place and ready to go.)

Also, think about the places that appeal to children.
Indoor play area's. Jungle Gym type places.
We have a place called Gymboree here, now... this would be perfect for places like that!

Just a few things I like:
Fits UNDER the bowl, so perfectly NOT in the way for adults
Fits UNDER the bowl, with enough out so that little ones use it to step up and to put their feet on. Result? No feet dangling, they can rest like ours do.
Sturdy heavy duty plastic. (Holds up to 200 pounds!)
Solid white, with no crazy designs so that is is gender neutral and doesn't take away from the bathroom, but rather blends in with the toilet!

With our economy still suffering, wouldn't it make sense to support locally owned and operated places? Did you see that on the television the other night?
Where they went in and removed everything from a house that was not made in the USA?
By the time they were finished, the house was empty!
Their next task was to replace with all USA made products.
Not an easy thing, but they did it.
Here is where WE can all make a difference!!!!!

BUY the Little Looster... Made in the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you have any potty training tips?


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  1. Potty tips: Take at least 3 full days of NOTHING but going potty, no laundry, dishes etc! First day, let him run around naked, every 30 minutes ask or take to potty. 2nd day put undies on him, again every 30 minutes. 3rd day, pants/shorts with undies. Go every hour or whenever you feel you wanna ask LOL After that if its really a struggle for you both, he is not ready I don't believe. Keep extra pants and undies with you at all times! I keep 2 pair haha Being a stay at home mom gave me more days to not have to go anywhere which really HELPED!


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