The Transformation of Joan Faith - Book Review

Taken from Joan Faith Website:

It would take a pretty amazing imagination to make up a story more amazing than this one

On occasion one of the unorthodox religious cults makes the news and we get a brief glimpse into what goes on in their world. We rarely get the real inside story beyond the journalistic sensationalism. Joan Miller finally takes us deep into the life of just such an organization and shows just what can take place when a charismatic leader manipulates scripture to satisfy his own ends. But it doesn’t end there.

The first part of The Transformation of Joan Faith is about Joan’s upbringing and her struggles with the abuses visited upon women and young girls. It is a fascinating and compelling story written with an even hand and lack of rancor. It is, in part, an expose of one such misguided religious organization.

It is the second part of the book, however, that shows how Joan’s faith was re-channeled, though the sheer power of vision, determination, and dependence on God into a positive endeavor for good. One that appears destined to help countless children survive and prosper. It addresses in detail the five basic needs of children: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial health, and shows how she is proceeding to provide them.

Joan’s life work, Faith Works, is a labor of love and grace. The Health Project is clearly described and beckons the support of all who catch its vision of healthy, happy people contributing positively to our society. It is detailed from inspiration to practice, with a healthy serving of the uplifting belief that has transformed Joan into who she is today.

In its totality, The Transformation of Joan Faith is an illustrated guide map for taking charge of life and overcoming the past to create a better future for self and others.

Now, I have tried to read this numerous times.
I still have not yet finished it, as I am really having a hard time reading it.
But, I did want to share this with you, in case you or a loved one might need/want to read this.

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