It's my birthday month!

I used to celebrate my birthday for as long as I could...
But now, it is just that one day, unless I can manage to sneak an extra day or two in...
This year, I am going to talk about my birthday ALL month long.
No, I am not going to post about it every time, but don't you worry...
You will know it is my birth-month!

With that in mind...
I am trying to get feedback from y'all...

I saw this company, Fair Ivy, on another blog.
I was just curious as to if anyone has ever received one.

I would LOVE to receive a Fair Ivy Box....

Fair Ivy is a company that sends out SURPRISE Packages!
You can chose from 4 groups...
Women - Fair Ivy
Men - Fred Ivy
Teens - Fun Ivy
Pets - Fur Ivy

With these surprise packages...
Each item is handmade!
How cool is that?
You get a box of goodies...
All handmade!

Now, I have never worked with Fair Ivy...
(Although I sure would love to)
I have never received one...
(Once again, I sure would love to)
If I ever do, I will post all about it...
(I sure would love to!)

Just thought I would start August off right with sharing about my birth-month!!

Have you seen/heard of Fair Ivy before?

***** I have never worked with them, I just wanted to share what I found with you!*****


  1. It sounds like fun. I have never heard if them before.

  2. Happy Birthday month to YOU! Noelle!!!! I too celebrate a birthday this month, I knew we clicked for a reason!!! Fellow Leo's unite!

    I've never heard of Fair Ivy, but I shall check it ouut!

  3. Never heard of this before but the fun ivy looks really neat! Happy Birth-month!

  4. Hi Noelle, thank you for stopping at my blog. Have a great birthday month!


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