What we have been doing... @Bass_Pro_Shops

I have been pretty quiet on visiting blogs and on personal posts...
I apologize for that, but we have been busy enjoying the summer!

The boys were here, so it has been lots of pool time.
Lots of play time.
Lots of FUN time!

One thing we did do...
Go to Bass Pro Shop.
I am sure they thought we were crazy, but we just went and hung out for a bit, playing around and looking at everything...

We saw a shark!!!
First, daddy went and took a picture...
Broxton was not up for it, notice the hand in picture...
Then, big brother had to get his picture!!!!
Of course, after the fun of the sharks...
We had to slow it down a bit and go fishing!
Broxton caught one that his great grandaddy would be proud of...
See how big it is?
Finally, Broxton had to go all Davy Crockett....
Out with a bang!!!!
Nope, Bass Pro Shop has NO CLUE that we spent the day there having our own little
photo shoot/amusement park adventure...
If you live near one, I think you should go and enjoy it like we did!


  1. Cute pictures! I think i've spent more time goofing off in bass pro shop than actually buying anything (:

  2. We pass by one on our way to Virginia. We will have to stop.

    The guys are so cute!

  3. WE have one nearby and it is truly an adventure!!!, even for BIG KIDS!!!


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