Henry's Crime - DVD Review

I just finished watching Henry's Crime and I have to say, it was alright...
I guess on my parents scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best, I would give it a 7.
Have you heard of this movie yet?
I never really saw anything advertising for it and I sort of wonder why.

Henry's Crime is about Henry (you think?) and his crime (really?!)
Anyways, Henry is working as a toll booth worker that really seems pretty miserable with his life..
Then, one day, he gets arrested for robbing a bank.
Well, being the "good guy" that he is... He doesn't tell on his friends, but rather goes to prison to pay for a crime he didn't commit.
(I personally think he used that as his excuse to get out of his miserable marriage, tell me what you think.)

While in jail, he becomes friends with his cellmate... and once out, sets out to find his "dream" (that was a question asked to him from his cellmate)
Come to find out... His "dream" is to rob the bank that he already supposedly robbed...
Not the smartest move in my opinion..
But hey, it made for a good movie.

If you are a fan of movies with Keanu Reeves or James Caan, you should totally check this out!
I will warn you , it is rated R.
That being said, the F-Bomb is used a pretty good amount...

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