#HolidayGiftGuide - Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer

Ready for some THRILL POINTS?!
Then head on out and purchase Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer!

I have seen this advertised all over the television and I was ready to see how Judy Moody was going to score points for an amazing summer.... Since 2 of her best friends were out of town.

Well- She did alright, but not like you would expect!!!!

This really was a cute movie...
You know how summer vacation always seems so boring, unless you have cool things planned?
Judy Moody was prepared! She worked on a pretty cool score chart so that her and her 3 best friends would score "thrill points" and have an amazing summer...
Until - she learned that 2 of them were heading out of town for the summer...
Talk about a bummer summer!!!

Long story short, she works hard to change it into a race to see who can get the most thrill points and win, but she keeps falling short... As the preview for the movie shows, they go on a roller coaster ride (major thrill points if you don't hold on) but her friend ends up getting sick, all over her... Talk about LOSING points!!!
Top it off, her crazy Aunt Opal is in charge of watching her and we learn that she hasn't driven in over 10 years!!!!
Besides trying to earn major thrill points, Judy has other things going on....
She is in search of her teacher, Mr. Todd... on the last day of school, he promised a prize to whichever student found him over the summer...
AND, she has her little brother, Stink to deal with...
Stink is on a mission to find Bigfoot, so he's up for his own adventures!!!

As I said, this was a cute movie, but I will tell you, I got annoyed with Judy being so pouty!
Hey, her friend even called her a FUN SPONGE!
(I totally need to remember that one!)
There was a couple times when she would pout and then say she was staying in her room for the whole summer...
What happened to getting outside and having fun?!
Either way, Aunt Opal remembered what it was like to be a kid like that... and helped her to realize she was having fun... and could earn thrill points!!!!

I think this is a movie that the tweens in your life will love!
Even though it has a girl for the main character, I think boys will laugh at it as well!!!

Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer was released on DVD on October 11, so it is ready to be purchased and wrapped up to go under the tree this season!!!


The first film adaptation of the beloved children’s book series, JUDY MOODY AND THE NOT BUMMER SUMMER, by Megan McDonald with illustrations by Peter H. Reynolds, is a delightfully, laugh-out-loud hilarious treat for adventure-loving kids, tweens and adults.

Feisty, fearless Judy Moody (Jordana Beatty) is looking forward to the most super-duper, double-rare summer vacation ever. The trouble is, her parents are called out of town and her BFFs are going away with their own families. That leaves Judytrapped at home with her pesky brother Stink (Parris Mosteller) under the watchful eye of Aunt Opal (Heather Graham). But with a little playful planning - and a lot of imagination - Judy turns a snoresville summer into the way-not-boring adventure of a lifetime!

The JUDY MOODY AND THE NOT BUMMER SUMMER Blu-ray and DVD comes with a collectible Judy Moody Activity Book complete with extrathrilladelic games, puzzles, activities and more. Additionally, each Blu-ray and DVD is packed with never-before-seen bonus features including a behind the scenes cast vignette, “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Judy Moody”, an exclusive Camryn Summer Music Video, and much more.

The film stars newcomer Jordana Beatty (Superman Returns) as Judy Moody along with Heather Graham (The Hangover, “Scrubs”), Jaleel White (“Psych,” “Family Matters”), Preston Bailey (“Dexter”) and Parris Mosteller (“Worst Week”). John Schultz (Aliens in the Attic) directs from a screenplay by Megan McDonald and Kathy Waugh (Big and Small). Smokewood Entertainment’s Sarah Siegel-Magness and Gary Magness (Precious) produced the film with Bobbi Sue Luther and Andrew Sugarman serving as exe

cutive producers. The film was released theatrically by Relativity Media.

JUDY MOODY AND THE NOT BUMMER SUMMER is available as a 1-disc DVD or 3-disc Blu-ray Triple Play with Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy. ARP is $24.99 for Blu-ray Triple Play and $19.99 for DVD.

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  1. I used to read Judy Moody to my 3rd grade class (I'm now retired) and they children always enjoyed it. Both boys and girls!


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