We went on a "Big World Adventure" with Barney

Barney cracks me up!
If I thought about it, I would like to think that I could come up with the next big thing...
A big purple dinosaur?
Comes to life for kids?
How cool!

Well, this time, Barney shows up in a Hot Air Balloon!!!
That had my attention right there, I love them and would LOVE to see one in person.
I used to want to go on a hot air balloon ride...

In this DVD that was just released this past September, Barney takes the kids on an Adventure all around, teaching while exploring!!!
We got to travel to Spain and learn about a dancing horse!!!
I love how in each area "we visited" we learned words that are common in the native language.
Not only did we learn words for their language, we also learned so much more.
The "mini stories" in each place we visited taught us about the region...
Including their clothing, the foods they eat and more!
It wasn't a boring lesson though, it was FUN!!!
Broxton and I really enjoyed watching them dance, singing about pizza and meeting all sorts of different characters!
From Artists to Kings and so much more!!!
Not to mention, Baby Bop and Friends were there too!

If you want to go on a quick world tour, I think this would be great!
Broxton was smiling and dancing throughout the whole movie!!!

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  1. While I can't share your Barney enthusiasm, I can appreciate that kids (and you) love him, and I do think the travel angle on this is pretty great.


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