W/W - Making Memories

I love my family.
Although I do not see them often, I love them, I really do!

We went home a couple weeks ago since Marc had drill.
My grandparents came over to visit and see how much Broxton had grown.
We had discussed Broxton, Marc and my Grandaddy going fishing one day, but we can't do it yet...
So, I jokingly told my mom we should have a little play fish area for Grandaddy and Broxton to fish.

My mom was on a mission!
She found a little fishing game, remember them?
Well, we set it up and it was kinda hard!
Needless to say, Grandaddy gave up on it pretty early..

BUT - My Mema played and boy, she laughed!
Not sure who had more fun..
Broxton or Mema...


  1. Love this picture! Such sweet memories (:

  2. That's so sweet!!! I love how your mom tried to make it work!


  3. I remember the game well!! Grandma looks like she had more fun! LOL!

    Happy Wednesday, Noelle!

  4. I remember that fishing game. We had it too. It's pretty fun!!!

  5. Those memories are absolutely priceless! Good for them!

  6. Beautiful pics..LOVE this.. Officially following ya with smiles.. I'm Marilyn from http://theartsygirlconnection.blogspot.com and I would LOVE for you to stop in sometime.. TY.. Off to indulge in all this burst of creativity here.. :))


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