W/W - After the dirt

If you stopped by last week, you read about Broxton playing in the dirt...
Head over here for a couple cute pictures, if you missed it...

Well, after seeing how excited he was playing in the dirt...
I had to take an idea from a friend of mine and expand a bit...
We made Broxton a mini sandbox!!!!
Apartment living at its best!

So far, it has been wonderful!
He plays, we get fresh air and all is wonderful!!!!

Have a Happy Wednesday!


  1. What's with kids and sand??!! My boys were the same!! Gorgeous pics, Noelle!

    Happy WW!

  2. You guys are smart! What a great idea!~

  3. We had one when the kids were little. They would have stayed out there all day if I let them. lol. Cute pics!

  4. AWESOME!! You really are a smart mommy!



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