Hey there, my friends!

Hey all!
Hope you had an amazing holiday!
We were busy and I am still trying to get caught up and organized from the past few weeks!
Between trying to visit family in very short amounts of time, trying to visit with Marc as much as possible when he wasn't at work...  Trying to keep 4 boys occupied....
Well, you know how it goes!
I am starting back tomorrow on reviews, giveaways, meme's and more..
Until then...
I just wanted to say:

Here is to a wonderful new year.
Make lots of memories.
Enjoy your family and friends.
Make new friendships.  Rekindle the old ones.
Never take a moment for granted.
Take lots and lots of photos.
Love yourself. Love the ones around you.  Love the ones you miss...
But just keep on LOVING.


  1. Wasn't it wonderful to take a little time off and just focus on nothing but life outside the blog? I hope your holidays were fabulous!


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