Three Years Ago, I Was Terrified....

Three Years Ago, I was terrified, beyond belief... 
I was preparing to go to the hospital for Broxton to be born.  Marc was supposed to be flying home from deployment training... My brother, Ashton was headed to Atlanta to go with me to the hospital so I would not be alone...I tell you what, he might be my kid brother, but that meant the world to me, having him there...
He came to our apartment.. then followed me to the hospital.

I was checked into a room and he left to go get Marc from Marta...  My parents were driving up after work.  I was so excited, the fact of being a mom... But I have no shame admitting, I was terrified like you just do not know.. First time as a mom, also dealing with my husband deploying... (It would be my first deployment, not his...) I wanted to be the perfect wife and mom... but I was just scared...

I remember that Marc had left for training and I was so worried...  I was worried he would miss the birth. 

All of a sudden, I saw it:

Those dirty combat boots at the bottom of the curtain.. 
I started crying, knowing that he had made it and was there.

He wanted a shower (loving wife that I was, I totally forgot the towel for he had to use some from the hospital!) 

We had asked for no visitors, since Marc was only going to be there for a couple of days, I wanted to make sure that Broxton and Daddy had plenty of time before he left...
Marc got his shower... and we just sat around visiting... 
It was wonderful.
Knowing that my family was there ... and that come the next day, I would be a mommy!  

Stay tuned... and come back tomorrow! 


  1. It was just Danny and I until after JDaniel was born. It was a special time.

  2. I can only imagine how you felt when you saw those boots! Wow!


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