Can You Help Doodle Roll?

I have seen the Doodle Roll  on a couple blogs and I was eager to see what Broxton would think of it... 
Then, I got an email telling me about the Doodle Roll trying to "Get on the Shelf" at Wal-Mart.  
That would make it easier for us, if it was able to be purchased right around the corner...

Don't you agree?
(Hey they are under $5... talk about a great prize!)
Read More about it here:

The Doodle Roll® ( is, manufactured by Imagination Brands Co., LLC, a small US based company and Made-in-the-USA.  They are competing in WalMart’s “Get on the Shelf” contest and they need lots of votes.  If they win, their products may be available both online and in WalMart stores across the country. 

An all-in-one portable arts & crafts activity kit, the Doodle Roll® contains a roll of paper and crayons in a compact package that doubles as a handy dispenser. A perfect “anywhere, anytime” family product, the Doodle Roll® is available in two sizes with a safe EZ tear edge.

How can you help Doodle Roll get the most votes?

Vote via Facebook & Text Message every day from now until April 3rd.  Please bookmark this site and vote daily:

From this link you can:
  • Vote daily via Facebook
  • Vote daily via Text Message (Text the numbers 1288 to 383838)
  • Email the info to all your friends and family!

No obligations, no sign ups, no personal info – JUST VOTE! Kids have lots of access to technology, so we’d love to see them put it to use and vote for Doodle Roll as well.

***** I was not required to post this... I just wanted to help try and get them on the shelf!  Not only does it look like a great project... it is MADE IN THE USA... we need more of these products around! *****


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