Our Incredible Night with @WWE. That's What Memories Are Made Of

Not to brag about my hometown or anything, but the last few weeks have brought much excitement to Albany, Georgia!  I was very shocked to see that Smackdown: The Road to Wrestlemania was going to be headed down there.  I just tend to think of the WWE in bigger venues, so I really wanted to go and take Broxton.  Not that the Civic Center down there is teeny, tiny... but that it is small in comparison to Atlanta's Phillips Arena!

We luckily had the chance to go and you will never believe who went with Broxton and I...
My parents! Yes!  They really wanted to go and see how Broxton would react to seeing all the wrestlers... and I tell you now... Broxton did not disappoint!  He was yelling and screaming and chanting just as loud as every other person in there.  My parents were a bit of amusement all in their own too...
Broxton so excited to be at WWE!!!!
(Even in his too big for him John Cena shirt!)
Why?  Because they know nothing about today's wrestlers, so they were basically just along for the ride... Until my mom wanted to know "who is the good guy and who is the bad guy?"  or my dad asking "when do the girls come out to wrestle?!"
Now for the WWE Diva's!

We got there and I was really surprised how great our seats were!  In Atlanta it was us and like 80,000 other WWE fans... At the Albany Civic Center, it only holds around 10,000 so if they utilized every single seat, we still had better chances of seeing things!
Up close to see Alberto Del Rio

I did notice that the WWE Smackdown in Albany was a much smaller scale than the WWE RAW event we went to in Atlanta.  From the WWE set up (where the wrestlers come out) to the ringside seats surrounding the ring... But no complaints here... it just added to the awesomeness of it all!
The Great Khali entering!!!!!

Khali taking down Jinder Mahal.

We had no clue who was coming or any of the matches, so it was all exciting to see who was coming next!
First up was The Great Khali!  Now, he just cracks me up!  When he comes out "dancing" to his music. No matter who your wrestler is, you can not help to cheer along with everyone for Khali... There is just something about him...  He has Indian music playing as he comes out and he immediately gets the entertainment going...  In our case, he was in a match versus Jinder Mahal.
Cody Rhodes

After that , we had the chance to hear my mom talking about Cody Rhodes (she thinks he is cute) and was so excited/surprised to hear that he is Dusty Rhodes' son!  She had to share that tidbit of information with my dad once I told her.  Cody kept coming out and messing with the other wrestlers... To the point that he was constantly booed... and he could not figure out why no one was cheering for him, since he is from Georgia.. Lol, he isn't much of a "good ol boy" and that is what the south is about... It was neat seeing him so up close and all... but he isn't one of my favorites!

Broxton is really into liking Randy Orton, Big Show and CM Punk these days.. (As well as John Cena, but we knew Cena wasn't going to be there, since he isn't part of Smackdown...)  We were hoping some of the others that Broxton liked was going to be there and wow, was I surprised to hear Broxton cheering the way he did when Sheamus came out!

Yes, I admit that I got into cheering for him too!  Are you ready for this?

It's the Big Show!!!
Remember how I said it was more of an intimate setting there?  Lol, like wrestling is intimate... But you know what I mean... It was a smaller venue so you got to be a bit more personal?  Well... If you are a fan of the WWE, you want to try to go see them when they come to a smaller area... Why?
Only because they would finish their match and then walk around the ring... HI-Fiving the fans... signing autographs... even posing for pictures with some of them!  Now, I am not saying that they do this all the time, but I saw with my own two eyes that they did it that night in Albany!  It was so neat to see and I know that the people that were up close for that will always have those awesome memories!!!!
Sheamus signing autographs!

On to the highlight of the night...
The final match... Daniel Bryan, Big Show and Randy Orton!
I was pretty excited to see Randy Orton and I was starting to wonder if he wasn't going to be there... THEN... HE CAME!!!!


If you want to see a couple more of my pictures from the WWE event in Albany, just head on over to my Photobucket Photo Album and have a look!

Just remember that WWE should be coming to an area near you soon!!
They are actually going to be in Atlanta on March 26th.  I really wish that we could go there... I know that Marc would love to go and see it again... especially since he did not get to go to the show in Albany!
Hmm, maybe if we get a surprise money or tickets to show up at our door!  ha ha... I am doubting that, but you never can tell! :)

Just head on over to the WWE  events site to see when they will be near you!
* Wrestelmania is in Miami, April 1st!
Just in case you don't already... Follow WWE on Twitter and Facebook!

*** Totally different side note, but still WWE related... If you are a movie fan, they have several movies released with the WWE superstars in them.  You don't have to be a WWE fan to love them.  We have been impressed with all that we have seen.  The only thing?  Some are not available for rental... But all can be purchased at Wal-Mart! ***

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