Comfortable Shoes from @DawgsFootwear

I have found a pretty comfortable pair of flip flops and I just have to tell you about them.
You want to know why?
Because up until recently, I was not a fan of flip flops..
Not that there is anything wrong with them, but because I hate feet.

My feet are not the prettiest (no worries, I am not going to be posting a picture of them on here...)
That being said, I never wore shoes that would show my toes...
Not attractive!  I used to joke and say it was because my feet were all weird and blame it that my mom would not buy me shoes that fit when I was younger... Truth is, I just have ugly toes!!!!

All my life I wore tennis shoes and closed toed shoes... As to not worrying about showing those ugly jokers off!  Then, in Atlanta, I would wear them every now and then... nothing like an every day item, but I would wear them from time to time...
Once I married Marc, I noticed I would wear them more... and even more importantly, I would wear them in public!!!!  I guess since he loves me, it doesn't matter what others think.

I had the chance to review a pair of super comfortable rubber soled flip flops from
Image: Canada Dawgs
I love how they are a basic navy blue on top... but as soon as you see me walking away, you notice the neon green on the sole of them!  Now, if they would just make them BLACK, with a RED sole... We would for sure be wearing them to the Georgia Football Games!  
I found them to be super comfortable and I never noticed them slipping. I had a chance to wear them on several different surfaces and they always kept a grip on the ground... From concrete, carpet, hard wood, tile and grass... 
I was going to talk about how loud they were, but then I noticed that it had to be the floor, as every person that walked by was a bit loud...   (and those that weren't commented that they had the same problem with other shoes in the past!)
I will tell you this, since wearing them, I noticed a gentleman wearing a pair of Dawgs...They looked rather new, so I had to ask him how long he had owned the Dawgs brand... He mentioned it had been a couple years, they were so comfortable that those were his go to shoes now!

Image: Canada Dawgs

They also have bendable flip flops!
What does that mean?
You can carry cute shoes in your purse for when you need to change things up!
(Or you have shoes ready for when you go in for your well deserved pedicure!)

I have enjoyed my Dawgs.. LOL, I love the name... "My dawgs are barking!"
Anyways... I noticed that they have golf shoes.
No, I don't play golf, but my brother sure does.
Not only do they look really comfortable, they say they are the worlds lightest golf shoes.

So, besides having great looking and comfortable shoes for me... 
This would be a great place to start looking for Fathers Day gift ideas!!!!!
Head on over and see who all you can buy for..
With graduation soon (and Fathers Day as well) I am sure you have one or two gifts to get!
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  1. I love these type of shoes for going swimming!


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