Kidz Bop: Ultimate Hits Is Our Summer CD

Music is so fun for us!
We love it... 
We as in Marc, ALL the boys... and you know I love it...

I love country the most... and Marc is more into Classic Rock...  That means the car is normally turned to the classic rock stations when Marc is driving.. and if I am driving, we normally have a DVD going... So, I don't get to listen to much these days... 
Until I get to watch my shows... and then I hear all the songs... 
Back when I worked, we had a radio on in the kitchen, so if I was back there, I had music... and if there wasn't a big sporting event, we had music on out front.. (Remember, I worked in a sports bar...)
So..........  Why am I telling you all of this?

Because I want to tell you about a new CD that Broxton and I have been jamming to!
Kidz Bop: Ultimate Hits

The last time we went home, I put it in the car... 

Once we got on the highway, I turned it on and the next thing I knew... Broxton was in his car seat "seat dancing" and was trying to sing along!  It was so cute and I just cracked up laughing at him.

We did not know some of the songs, so I would skip over it... (They just were not doing anything for me.)
But here is the list...

1.      Tik Tok
2.      Dynamite
3.      California Gurls
4.      I Gotta Feeling
5.      Billionaire
6.      Party In The USA
7.      Break Your Heart
8.      Hey Soul Sister
9.      DJ Got Us Falling In Love
10.    Fire Burning
11.    You Belong With Me
12.    Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
13.    Fireflies

Broxton's favorite is Dynamite and he sings it all the time... You should have seen him when we took him to the UGA football game last year, as soon as that came on, he was dancing and singing... and my dad was cracking up!  I loved the feel of it being like a "road trip mix tape" (come on, I know I am not the only one that ever had those!)  and I did not have to worry about it being any ugly words on there, since it is all sung by kids!!!!

I will tell you one thing that had me laughing out loud... 
We went out to dinner one night, so we loaded up... Broxton, my parents, my brother and myself... 

I put the CD on and my brother (who is 22) was like... HOLD ON A MINUTE... What?!
I started laughing and was like, what is it?   
He thought it was hilarious that it was today's popular music, but kids singing it...

So, if you are a family that loves music... or know one that is...
I think you need to head on out and grab this CD... 
Great for road trips, pool parties, birthday parties and more!!

(It's less than $15, so you could even give it as a gift to a party you are going to!)


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  1. Thank you for this idea. My youngest son loves music so much...and he is always searching for appropriate husband and i were just discussing how we have to help him a little. i will definitely check this out....thanks!!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.


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