My Eyes Tear Up Every Time

I have never posted these pictures, but I need to...   I want to..

As everyone knows, I am so proud of my husband.  
With him being gone the first year of Broxton's life, it was hard... and I was so happy when he returned from deployment... Not just the fact that he was home... 

BUT- because it was nice to see so many people out there in support for him!  

So, this post today, is to show you this homecoming through the eyes of the military wife.  

Yes, this was from 2010, but I still have tears in my eyes as I look back through them....

This was the lead off in our caravan home :)

We had police escorts to get all of our caravan home together.  

This was awesome, we had the Patriot Guard escorting us as well.   We had to stop to let them refuel (and to meet up with more for the ride home.)  While we waited for everyone to fill up, we just stopped in the middle of the road... People came out from their work to greet our soldiers, Flash Foods donated care bags (with drinks, pencils, tshirt and other items)  It was awesome to FEEL the love and support from the community on the way..
More Patriot Guard Riders... 
Everyone lining back up for the caravan home.
The guys chatting before loading back up.
Patriot Guard... They will always hold a special place in my heart..
Krystals out feeding everyone before continuing home.  
Everyone had decorations on their cars!

Patriot Guard ready to lead us home... Marc was even able to ride with them on his new bike!

This melts my heart every single time... I love when the communities come together to show pride.  
People from town lining the road in support.  
Once we arrived back at the Armory, the Patriot Guard was lined up with flags lining the way for us all to enter.  It was the most overwhelming , emotional thing I think I have ever seen from complete strangers..

I will tell you this... The Patriot Guard has a place in my heart and I am so honored to have been able to take these pictures...   If I ever see one (They normally have a vest on with the Patriot Guard patch) I always thank them... Not only do they arrive and escort units that arrive home safe from deployment... They are also the ones that are there to escort those that give the ultimate sacrifice.  These men and women have hearts of gold... 

Happy Wednesday Everyone.  


  1. The Patriot Guard is an amazing group of people and thanks for stopping over at my blog, thought you might enjoy this post I did right before Christmas when the troops came home, made me cry too!


  2. I am Canadian and it makes me proud that Americans treat their soldiers homecoming like they should, I personally thank the US and Canadian soldiers fighting for all of us and keeping us safe! Thank your husband for his servive:)

  3. That's wonderful and even made me tear up. So glad they got such a warm reception.

  4. I always tear up when I see pictures of homecomings. I'm a fellow military spouses and know to true meaning of "welcome home" =)

    Found you via Project Alicia’s WW Hop! Would love for you to stop by link up!
    Cookin’ for my Captain

  5. That is pretty intense emotionally. I bet they are overwhelmed when they get home at first. It's so great that people come together for support.

  6. I've never heard of the patriot guard, but they are awesome!! What an emotional day that must have been. That is how our troops should be received. You have an awesome community.

  7. I'm so glad you reposted this. I can only imagine what an emotional homecoming it was!


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