Teaching Opposites With HIPPOPPOSITES

As soon as I saw the book, Hippopposites,  I was ready to check it out.

I sort of figured it was a book about opposites, but I was unsure of the whole "hippo" take on it..

Well, it seems as though Mr. Red Hippo is the star of the play here!
I really enjoyed flipping the pages and seeing how they were going to incorporate him into each "lesson." 
First up, Large and Small.
That is basic opposites and they had a large, all in your face red hippo on one page and a teeny tiny little red hippo on the opposite page.  (Not to mention you could also go with tall versus short on that same page.)  

It was pretty neat how they not only went words that we already know, light / dark, square / round.. 
But they went way outside the line and added others that you don't think about that often:  positive / negative,  visible / invisible.   

I like that it is simple enough that little ones will love flipping the pages of the board book, but it is advanced enough that preschool kids and older will love learning about opposites as they read the book as well!  

Great job on this one!!!!!!!

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