What Do You Collect? Aloha Friday

Do you collect anything?

When I was younger, my Nana collected shot glasses... 
My parents collect (although I think they have since slowed down once they actually LOOKED at their collection) coffee mugs...

I collect shot glasses... Yes, I still need like 5 to have all 50 states, although I said my original goal was to have that marked off before I turned 30... I have moved it to 35, so I still have a bit of time left!
I now have a new collection... although truth be told, my "collection" isn't off to a great start!!!!
My latest "collection" is Harley Davidson POKER CHIPS.

You can buy them at any Harley Davidson location and so far, I only have 2.

Ha ha ha... Hope to get to add more at some point, so I have asked friends to send them to me as well... Nope, the mailbox hasn't seen one yet... but soon... I hope! 

My Aloha Friday Question is:



  1. Do you needa shot glass from Arkansas?

  2. Surprisingly, a friend went to Arkansas and brought me one back a few years ago..
    I think at this point, I need:
    Rhode Island, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Alabama...
    Ha ha... I think those are the 5, I really should pull them all out and look to see...

  3. Hey Girl, How are ya? Okay let's see I collect, fairies, and brass nic nacs. Hope you & yours had a fun/safe Fourth & have a great weekend. You should stop by & play our Monday's Music Moves Me & get in on our 100th week celebration Give-away! 4 prizes & one Grand Prize. Winners to be picked on the 100th wk. July 30th at noon. CST. Hope all is good with you & yours.

  4. My mom just started collecting shot glasses, no clue where she thinks she's going to put them all. I collect keychains and stickers (they go on my cello case) and try to get a few everywhere we visit.

  5. When I was younger I collected marbles.

  6. We collect shot glasses/shooters also. And of course I collect Mickey Mouse stuff - but you knew that already.

  7. I have several collections... angels, books, and numerous other things :)

  8. I have 5 collector dolls. They are sitting in a cabinet that my dad helped me refurnish. I was hoping to pass them down. Maybe if I have girl grandchildren. Who knows. I'd pass them down to my niece except she doesn't like dolls.

    We have some coins.

    Then we have shadow boxes of arrowheads my husband and I collected/found when we were kids. They are in our hallway.

    Isaak collects rocks with Daddy.

  9. Hmm I'm not sure. I have to say books. I'm married to them :)

    And pens! I LOVE pens :)

  10. I remember that shot glass collection but you also used to collect frogs! (or was it turtles)? It was something green! LOL

  11. Awesome post, I want to check out a couple of your other messages. Thank you!


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