In a Land Called Honalee? Puff The Magic Dragon

Puff the Magic Dragon, lived by the sea, And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honalee.....

Tell me this, can you read that without singing the song?  
I might be the only one, but as soon as I started reading the board book of Puff the Magic Dragon (out to celebrate the 50 years of magic)  I was singing the song like it was on the radio!  
I just could not help my self!  
We love books and singing and dancing and playing and everything else, so when the board book arrived, I was quick to grab it and look through to see the sweet and loveable dragon being brought to life all over again!  Can you believe that Puff the Magic Dragon celebrates its 50th year this September?!  
I mean, where does the time go?  
I am glad to know that Broxton will not only know the song (and the movie,) but that we will also now have the book to flip through and relive the magic over and over again...

The board book is 24 pages, enough to give you the enjoyment, but not so much to weigh you down if you want to carry this with you somewhere.  

Each page greets you with the beautiful illustration from Eric Puybaret that shows not only the sweet and mystical dragon, but that exotic location of Honalee... 
Shown on pages of soft blues and greens, just right for a dragon and his best friend!
I loved that in a day with mean old dragons and pirates and all sorts of scary characters filling the minds of our children, it was nice to reminisce of days gone bye... Days where the fun of Jackie and Puff was all a kid needed...  days where the pirates lowered their flags, kings bowed their heads.. all for PUFF! 

What a great way to look back and enjoy the days..... 

I have loved reading this with Broxton and know we will continue to read / sing such a great song!  
"Puff the Magic Dragon... lived by the Sea... "

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  1. My son will love this book. I'll have to get a copy for him to have.

    mama2kaylabug at gmail dot com


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