Know A Sports Parent Of the Year?

Growing up, we always had a subscription to Sports Illustrated.  I am serious, I think my dad probably started getting it when we had a magazine sale or something and then we always kept it... I even sent Marc our SI issues after we read them when he was deployed... I know it was late, but interesting articles is better late than never, right?  My dad had SI and then I believe it was my brother that started getting Sports Illustrated for Kids...  We are very much sports fans, so I figured when Broxton got a bit older, we would once again have SI for Kids in our house... I never really thought about the fact that the boys might enjoy reading them when they come to visit... Everyone can use "reading material" at some point or another, if you know what I mean...   That being said, go ahead and sign up for a subscription today... At only $19.95 a year (which includes the tablet edition and the print edition...)  it is really too good to pass up.
If you would like to sign up for a subscription for SI for Kids for a kid you know, just head on over and do it... but come back, as I have something to tell you... 
Do you think you know the "Sports Parent of the Year?"
If you do, you might want to listen up... 
Sports Illustrated for Kids is currently running a contest for people to enter the "Sports Parent of the Year" on their website....
It is pretty simple to enter, just submit their name, email address, state, hometown and then a short paragraph explaining why you believe they should win.  I really like the simplicity of the entry, as it is sure to get many nominations.  The best part is it will not be a "voting" or "popularity contest" but will be judged by the editorial staff of Sports Illustrated!  
Please head over to the entry page to read the rules before entering... 
Contest deadline is 9/24, so hurry up!  

I would love to enter Marc, as I think he is wonderful ... but truthfully, due to his schedule, I know there are other parents out there in the world that would technically qualify better, but for our house.. He has already won the award, hands down!  

Do you know someone that you might nominate?  

I will receive a SI Kids goody basket and a year subscription to Sports Illustrated Kids in conjunction with this post.  


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