Allermates Reminder

With so much getting ready to start, I just wanted to remind parents of AllerMates... 
Between visiting Pumpkin Patches, going Trick or Treating or even at the local "Fall Festival" it would be a great idea for those you love that have allergies to keep AllerMates in mind... 
I reviewed AllerMates in the past, but I just wanted to remind you again... 


Parents of kids with allergies and asthma can take comfort in knowing their children can be a little safer this Halloween thanks to AllerMates® products:bright, easy-to-see wristbands, dog tags and stickers to help make the people around them – at school, around the neighborhood, at others’ homes – aware of their ailment.

A child reaching for that peanut candy while trick-or-treating just might be reminded or remind their caregiver of his or her peanut allergy with the P. Nutty wristband, one of 15 fun, original characters that represent the most common allergies: peanut, nut, gluten/wheat, milk, egg, shellfish, penicillin, insect sting, latex, pollen, fish, soy, sesame and cat, and also asthma.

*** I was not asked to post this, I just know how dangerous some of these cases can be and wanted to help spread awareness.  Not only for those affected by these allergies, but by others in the community.  ***


  1. I should actually find an adult site that carries these. I'm extremely allergic to sulfa. My face goes from narrow to round. If it's in lotion I break out in hives. With red wine, my face turns red.

    Mica broke out in hives with penicillin when he was at home on home IV antibiotics with his staph infection. We've stayed clear of that for him.


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