International Suit Up Day is October 13 #HIMYM

From the Mouth of Barney:
SUIT UP!!!!!
How I Met Your Mother - Season 7 Available today, October 2nd.


Not only is How I Met Your Mother’s seventh season coming out on DVD and Blu-ray on October 2, but Barney Stinson’s favorite holiday, International Suit Up Day (ISUD), is right behind it on October 13. Of course, Barney knows his designers and wears them on his sleeve – literally. So to help you perfect the Barney Stinson look, here are some tips to make the most of ISUD.   

The Gray Suit 
In a lighter shade or even in more of a charcoal, think of it as the anchor of your suiting up wardrobe.

The Navy Suit
 Luckily, navy isn’t the snooze it used to be. Now a classic choice, it travels seamlessly from the boardroom to a legendary evening out.

The Black Suit

 A staple for every man’s suit collection, to be sure -- just make sure it’s slim fitted and stylish. No one wants to look like a funeral director at cocktail hour.

The Pinstripe Suit
 Get a little adventurous and pair your pinstripes with a solid dress shirt. In Navy, black or gray, pinstripes will always be classic and demonstrate your confidence.

Barney also suggests the following to capitalize on all that ISUD has to offer:
§  Wear a suit to university
§  Wear a suit to work
§  Wear a suit in the hospital
§  Wear a suit to school
§  Buy a suit
§  Party in a suit
§  Play laser tag in a suit

Ready? Now… SUIT UP! It’s gonna be LEGENDARY! 

***** I was not asked to post this, I just thought it was nice to help out with suits... and Barney makes me laugh! *****


  1. I've thought so often of getting my son a suit. I like the idea. :)


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