Going On A Field Trip: Magic School Bus #Giveaway

Have you ever heard of / watched The Magic School Bus?
I guess I have been out of the loop, as I had no idea what it was about... 
I started hearing about it online and after looking it up, I see that it is an animated show that is very educational, teaching kids about math and science.
I am all about education... so I was eager to see an episode! 
We were sent a three pack of the Magic School Bus DVD: Field Trip Fun and Games.
It was so informative and Broxton was hooked into it as soon as it started!

The first one we watched was about BASEBALL and forces. 
Of course, it was neat watching Mrs. Frizzle get the kids all excited and then to watch the school bus go into the book.  I was sucked into watching it as well, as I wanted to know what The Magic School Bus was all about...   I am so glad I did, as Broxton is always talking about it now... When he passes a bus on the road, he always has to ask if I think it is the "magic" one!  

The Field Trip Fun and Games DVD is actually 5 hours of entertainment ( I tell you what, it sure did not feel like it.. You just get so caught up watching and learning, that it goes by really fast!)
Want to know one thing that I really enjoyed about the Magic School Bus?
There are some scenes that are totally made up, but it is made up to be able to explain the lesson better...  At the end of the episode, a "kid" will "call in" and get to speak to "Mr. Producer" in the phone call they will ask if such and such can actually happen and he will be honest and tell them no, that can't happen because of blah-blah... but then they discuss the things that do happen and why... So, even though the lesson is over, they are actually still learning.
What is included in this set: 

The Busasaurus
The Magic School Bus The Busasaurus — Topic: Dinosaurs
The Magic School Bus Cold Feet — Topic: Warm/Cold-Blooded
The Magic School Bus Goes Upstream — Topic: Migration

Super Sports Fun
The Magic School Bus Plays Ball — Topic: Forces
The Magic School Bus Shows & Tells– Topic: Archaeology
The Magic School Bus Works Out– Topic: Circulation

Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!
The Magic School Bus Gets Ants in Its Pants– Topic: Ants
The Magic School Bus Butterfly and the Bog Beast–Topic: Butterflies
The Magic School Bus In a Beehive– Topic: Honeybees

You can even visit their site and download free Scholastic coloring sheets for the kids!
Now... get ready... 
One Jumpin Beans reader is going to win a 3 disc set like the one I was sent for review!
Just enter on the rafflecopter form below:


  1. I have heard of the magic school bus, but I've never watched it before.

  2. I love the Magic School Bus - such a fun and educational show. We have one dvd and would love to watch more. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. We love to watch the Magic School Bus!

  4. I'm a school librarian and the teachers and students at my school love Magic School Bus!

  5. I read the books when I was little, but I've never watched a DVD!

  6. Yes, I have seen it when I was a kid (I was 4 when it came out) and I love it!

  7. Yes, I've watched all of them I think. They are great. jj250@aol.com

  8. Yes, We watched Magic School Bus every weekday when it was on.

  9. We have a book, but I have never watched the show.

  10. Yes, we have watched it. It's pretty cute. I like it because it is educational and entertaining for the kids.

  11. I have watched it before. Great show!


  12. yes, the kids have grown up watching the show

  13. I used to watch it when I was a kid but my daughter has never seen it!


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