Keep Paper Coterie in Mind for the Holidays

If you know of a kid in college and you will be buying for them this holiday... 
Let me remind you of Paper Coterie.. 
I know when I went to college I had a box of "memories" from my time there... 

This would have been perfect and actually, I might go back and upload a picture from my time there and make one for me now!!!!

Paper Coterie has Memory Boxes.
They had the bog one (that I ordered for Broxton to keep his Pre-K items in...)  
But then they came out with a 10 x 10 Memory Keeper.  
I actually ordered that one with a picture of Marc and I on it and plan on having it for our keepsake box...

The link in this post is an Affiliate link.  
I have enjoyed Paper Coterie and thought you might want to keep them in mind for the holidays.

*** As an affiliate, I was able to review a Memory Box.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.  ***


  1. I love the idea provided they hold a lot. I am verrrrrrrrrrrrrry sentimental.

  2. I still have to write the back of my postcard. I have the hardest time with what to say on the backside.


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