Core Bamboo and a Discount Code

 While Christmas gets closer and closer, we need to not only remember to get great gifts to make those faces smile when they unwrap their gifts, but we also need to make sure that we are prepared for hosting all those people at your house! 
I saw Core Bamboo online and I was immediately hooked at the different designs that they had! 
Up first, I was checking out the bamboo banana hanger.  We eat tons of banana's here and we could really use this!  The ones I have seen are like cheap looking plastic, so the fact that this was bamboo made me know that I would not mind having it sit out on the counter for guests to grab a banana while visiting! 
We were sent a very chic 3 part entertainment set and I love it.  I am telling you, it is so nice and classic.  The design of the natural bamboo and the crisp white ceramic bowls.  This is such a great item.  I think it would be great to have sitting out for guests.  You could fill it with snacks of some sort for guests to munch on.  You could also have an assortment of candies out if that is what you want. 
I also think that if you had a bunch of guests over, you could have a sandwich station and fill it up with gourmet toppings or sandwich spreads.  It is large enough to hold a good amount, but it isn't so big that it would hold side items for families, nor would it take up that much space! 
At the price of only $25, I think it would actually make a great hostess gift! 
Head on over to their site so that you can score great savings! 
Not to mention, they have current discount codes to help you save!
(Look at the bottom of this image for 2!)
Core Bamboo has great products and great prices... I think that anyone opening up a gift from Core Bamboo would be really happy!

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  1. I love bamboo. All our cutting boards are bamboo. Have you ever felt bamboo sheets? They are so soft!

  2. What lovely entertainment sets! I'm envisioning chopped fruit with different dips...

  3. I love all the colorful utensils and kitchen items they make out of the bamboo.

  4. I have a bamboo cutting board and I love it.. had for quite few years, Iam tempted to get the bandana stand.


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