Day Out With Thomas 2012

We were lucky to have the chance to continue our tradition with my parents and spend the "Day Out With Thomas" the other weekend.
We have gone for the past couple years and each year Broxton has a blast! 

This year the theme was "Mystery On the Rails"  although I am not really sure what the "theme" means, besides just something to call it...

We drove to Cordele, Georgia and of course, my dad was excited to have the tomato salad...
We normally get there and grab a bite to eat to start with ....
They normally have hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, fries and then this salad that is a hit with us! 

Tomato Salad to start out the day!
 After eating lunch, we were full and ready to start our day with Thomas...
This year they had several stations that seemed new to me.
We got there a couple hours before our ride started, but we overheard some people that had been there since like 9 in the morning when we were leaving around 3.

Broxton enjoying the sand station.

The train tables were a big hit for all the kids... This seemed to be the busiest station of the day.
Once we were on the train, they came and gave all the kids their Jr Engineer Certificate! 
We enjoyed the different stations they had set up around the place..
They had the train tables that were huge hits... If we had the room, I know Broxton would be in heaven to have one of these...   They also had a coloring area where they could color different pictures of the characters of Thomas and his Friends...  They also had face painting, a tattoo station, an area to pickup a rubber duck and win a prize... Oh... don't let me forget that they also had story telling and music! 
That was all up front...
Then, you headed to "Sodor Island" where they had mini golf, a bubble making area, two bounce houses and an area where they could play with sidewalk chalk! 
After that, you loaded up to ride Thomas ...
I love that where we go has us go over a lake... it is nice to see the trees and the water and on this trip, we were surprised with a boat that had a family and their dog on it riding by and waving to us!!!
Of course, no excursion would be complete without a gift area...
Yes, they had ALL sorts of toys from Thomas and Friends.. but the best part is that it isn't set up that you HAVE to go through it... You can go in the tent if you want... but it isn't set up that you have to... You know that makes it more enjoyable...
Yes, we go in and get a souvenir train each year...
(They make one with the logo and year on the bottom and we have one from each year we have been!)
If you have a kid that loves Thomas and Friends, you might need to go ahead and be looking to see when they will be near you... It is these memories that are so special to us...   and I know they will be to you and your family as well!
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  1. I would love to take my son if there was one around here. I enjoy reading about it though, I think it's a neat experience!

  2. My boys would be jealous. We went when Isaak was a year old and Mica was four. Isaak for sure wouldn't remember that!

  3. looks like a lot of fun, wish there was an event close to our area.


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