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As the holidays get closer and closer, we start thinking about fun things to do with the kids while they are out for break.  No, we should not just plop them down in front of a television.. Nor can we afford to go all sorts of places, remember that we have 4 boys to buy for, not to mention everyone else on the list...
I was visiting the MindWare Toys website to look at all the educational toys they had...   I wanted to see if I could host a review and giveaway.  Lucky for us, they said yes!!!!

We were sent the Imaginets.  Okay, let me just tell you that could be one of the neatest things. 
I guess I am slacking in that department.  We have magnets, but the ones Broxton plays with are the alphabet ones.  Well, not any more!!!
Imaginets are just so neat!  They are magnetic blocks that go in this cute little carry case that is a magnetic board.  The case is the playing area!  Yes, you read that right... THE CASE IS THE PLAYING AREA.  Not to mention that the magnetic board is also a dry erase board... You know what that means?  That means that they can play with the magnets... and then draw scenes to go with their creation!  Talk about a gift that not only gets your mind going... it also is a gift that will last for several years!
I like it because when we are done playing, we can just close the case and not worry about the magnets getting lost... Also, it just has this little clasp that even Broxton can open, so he doesn't have to come bringing it to me when he wants to play. 
I keep saying that we will use it for road trips, but honestly, we haven't yet... Just have not thought about it when packing! 
Broxton and I were quick to open it and try to reproduce the pictures that were in the book that was included.  I love how it was pictures and not words... so that Broxton could try and do it as well!
We have not only been using the Imaginets set for play with our creativity and the magnet aspect...  We have also been using it to discuss our colors and shapes!  This has provided endless hours of fun for both Broxton and myself.  As you can see in the pictures, they have orange, yellow, green, blue and purple colors... they also have circles, squares, triangles and other shapes... We still work on the basics at this time :)

I have really enjoyed that Broxton will go and get this and sit and play for times just with this... He enjoys the satisfaction in his creation.. and that makes a proud mama to see the look on his face! 
If you think that this would be a great idea for a gift... Just enter the rafflecopter form below. 
If you can not wait to see if you won, you can always head over to MindWare Toys and purchase it for $29.95.

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  1. Looks like a really fabulous toy. Educational and fun!



  4. Mica would like:

  5. I would like

  6. I like :

  7. I like the Teaching Talking Cash Register

  8. Looks like an awesome toy, very educational as well

  9. I like this marble maze,

  10. I like this Ribbon Barrette maker and I think my niece would too :)

  11. This seems like a good toy to take on trips or other places where kids need to pay quietly.
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  12. Great idea! I haven't seen anything quite like this.



  15. I like the



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