Thank a Veteran - Veterans Day


With today being Veteran's Day, I wanted to remind everyone to try and Thank a Vet... Whenever you see one.  It doesn't just have to be in November.  If I ever see someone in a military ball cap, I always stop and say thanks... Be it the grocery store or the gas station... Whenever I can, I try...
Also, please remember that while I am lucky enough to have my Hero home... There are tons of families out there that are not so lucky... Their hero might have given the Ultimate Sacrifice... They might have a hero that is currently deployed..   Especially with the holidays getting closer and closer, it gets especially hard for those in the military...
So please, keep them all in your thoughts and prayers. 

I am from a military family, grandfathers served in the military, Two Uncles served, My Father-In-Law served and now my husband serves...    Back when I worked at Diggers, I would make it a point to thank all of the "regulars" that I knew had served...   They can never hear it enough... 

I am very thankful to each and every single one! 
Happy Veterans Day to all the Veterans out there...
Thank you so much for your service! 

Go Thank a Veteran Today!


  1. This is an awesome post. We have military men in our family too, so I doubly appreciate every single word.


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