The Dragons Are Coming - Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus

I am so excited to tell you that Ringling Bros And Barnum & Bailey are headed back our way...
Last year, I heard of the show that would be headed to Atlanta for 2013...
The Ringmaster is Jonathan Lee Iverson. 
We saw him when he was with another of their shows in 2010.
He was AMAZING.  The excitement that he brings, just adds to the enjoyment of the show!!!
Broxton loved the Torres Family when he saw them before, so this is so exciting to know that they will be back this time around!!!
I am just so excited that they are doing Dragons, as a tribute to The Year of the Dragon...
This is sure to be full of fun!!

Dragons heads to Atlanta for February.
Philips Arena has shows February 13 - 18th... and then the show heads to Duluth for February 21 - March 3rd.
Head on over and purchase tickets now!!!!

Don't forget to stop back over here later in February, as I will be posting my review from the show!!!!
Cross your fingers that I am able to get great pictures!

***** I will be going to see Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey: Dragons when they are in Atlanta. 


  1. That's one thing I'll probably never do again - the circus. I like the daredevil acts, but the rest I can do without.

  2. Oh have fun! Mica couldn't get into it when we took him. I think he thought we were going to something like Circ de Soleil. We have that on DVD.

  3. I've never seen a live circus, I hope your little one likes it, and it's fun!


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