A Huge Thanks!!!!

Please excuse me if any of this is a repeat...
When I get to talking, I do sometimes repeat myself...

I know I have mentioned the MOPS group that I am part of...
Well, let me tell you more...

I joined the MOPS group at our church.
I feel as though I have made pretty good friends with the ladies.
We really have a good time when we are together...

Well, this past week, we had our "Spa Day" for all of the ladies.
It started off sort of "iffy" ...
The plan was to have different vendors come and donate their time ...
As well as have a couple raffle prizes to give to the women.
In the start, EVERY VENDOR we reached out to said NO..
But then in the last week, it all fell in place!!

We had 2 different companies there giving massages to the ladies.
Unique Day Spa sent their employees to give massages and they also had employees giving manicures to the ladies as well!
Signature Salon and Spa was also represented with massages being given also.
I was able to get in touch with a friend of mine that works with Mary Kay.
She sent a Mary Kay Sales Director over and we were treated to lots of information! 
We enjoyed facials and even got to learn about Satin Hands! 
(Side note, WONDERFUL... If you have never used Satin Hands... they don't lie in the name, your hands feel wonderful when you are done!)
Once our Mary Kay session was over, I had several people make (good) comments about me looking different, since I am not one to wear makeup, they noticed I had on mascara!!!
I hate that I did not get more pictures, but I was trying to enjoy the "Spa Day" and not worry about taking tons of photos. 
I was very thankful for the Sponsors that were able to donate product for our Raffles, so I wanted to give a special mention to them...

Up first, Bio-Scriptives donated 2 of their Repiderm bottles for 2 lucky ladies.
If you did not read my Repiderm Review, head over and check it out now.  I can not wait to hear what they think about the Repiderm once they use it.  I can tell you, when I use it, the results are faster than other treatments I have tried.  

We also had Chicken Soup for the Soul donate 3 of their current books for the raffle.  I ended up doing it as one prize and I tell you, the winner was pretty excited when she won! 
Finally, the other Sponsor that I worked with for the donation of a raffle prize was ZeroWater.
I absolutely LOVE the water filtration pitcher that I was able to review a while back...
Not only were we pampered and able to enjoy the day...
We also had 2 crafts going on... One was for a cute little "lamp" (I did not do it, as I was enjoying the massage.... )  But they also had where we could make our own sugar scrub!  I loved making that as it was super easy...   A "take home gift" for all the mommies:  a homemade hot/cold pack that one of the moms made!    If I was crafty and could sew, I would have helped... but she made all of them on her own!  I thought that was awesome and we already have used ours!!! 

I would say that the end result for our Spa Day was SUCCESS!
We all had a great time, were able to pampered, relax and have mommy time.
I loved this and am already ready to plan for next year!!!!

***** I was not required to post this, but all of the moms from our Spa Day really enjoyed it and I just wanted to share with you the companies that made it a success.  If you are in the area, check out the vendors! 


  1. That does sound like an amazing, fun day! My sister-in-law just got her first facial and she called to tell me how much she loved it. I've never had any of those things you mentioned, but I'm going to one day. :)

    I haven't heard of Satin Hands, but it sounds nice. :) Glad you all had a fun time.

  2. This really sounds like a wonderful event!

  3. That does sound fun! I'm glad you got a day of being pampered!

  4. I love MOPS!
    I'm glad you had a pampered day with the ladies!


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