Circus Family W/W

Well, it is Wednesday...
Hope the week is treating you great...
If you have been around this week, you have seen my different pictures of the circus..
You can see my circus post and the pictures of the animals...
I would love to have you comment on them...
(No shamelessness on me here... just love comments!)

Hope you enjoy!!!
Don't forget if you have the chance to check out Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, you should do so... We have a great time each year we go!!!!
Air Adventures! 

These two were up high in the air where they did all sorts of tricks! 

He jumped through the rings that had swords (or something) sticking inwards... Then, they added a blindfold and fire!!
I need this cutie as a stuffed animal!
One of the highlights for me!  I absolutely LOVE the Torres Family!
***  I was not asked to post this, I just love my pictures and wanted to share with you! 


  1. I certainly enjoyed the pics, sweetie! Fabulous shots!

  2. This is a nice group of pictures. I love the ones of them up in the air, I think it's amazing to see such performances (we haven't seen a circus yet, but we have seen a Cirque). I always wonder what practice sessions look like for those kinds of tricks. ;)

  3. great photos! Looks like yall had fun!

  4. We've only been once, but I think the kids enjoyed it.

    Glad you got to go and have fun! It's really a great show!


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