Madly Madagascar for Valentines

There is NO hiding that we are HUGE Madagascar fans..
All of us love these cartoons and no matter how long or short, we are always wanting more! 
I was excited to have the chance to add their Madly Madagascar (Valentines) DVD to our collection.

In Madly Madagascar, we have Alex trying to show how important his love of Valentines is.. Thanks to his time in New York City...   But the thrill of giving Valentines to everyone (for him, it was to get them back in return) is quickly interrupted when a love potion seems to just fall from the sky!

We follow the Madagascar gang as they seem to celebrate Valentines doing different things... and yes, we even get to enjoy those silly Penguins! 

This is a very short adventure, at only 22 minutes.... but it was still cute and worth watching!!!!
Would make a great Valentines gift instead of just chocolate that will be gone soon enough! 
Note, I did say JUST chocolate... not instead!  Need both! 

In the extras they have a short called First Flight...
Make sure you watch it too!  I don't normally watch all the extras, but for some reason, I watched (and loved) this one!

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  1. Sometimes the short ones are just right (when you want to chillax for a few but don't have time for an hour + movie). We're big Madagascar fans over this way too. :)

  2. My favorite out of the first three is three. Usually I don't like follow up movies. In this case I did! I haven't the Valentines one though.

  3. I need to watch this one! I love Madagascar!!


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