High Energy - @NuclearCowboyz

The other day, we went to see the Nuclear Cowboyz Show at Phillips Arena.
I had never heard of Nuclear Cowboyz, but seeing that it was MotoCross, I knew it was going to be fun!!!
Broxton and I invited a friend of ours (another mother/son) and we went to see what Nuclear Cowboyz was all about!!!  Let me start by telling you this...
The Arena as Nuclear Cowboys prepares to start.  
As we walked in, there was all sorts of energy in the arena, I figured it was just the hustle/bustle from the show about to start, but it continued on..
All of a sudden, we heard the announcement that the show was about to start.
We missed the introduction of it all, but I heard something about supporting the military, so that made me smile!!!!  
Once we grabbed our seats, we were told the background of how the Soldiers of Havoc are against Metal Mulisha in the future .... This is set in Los Angeles...
The next part lost me a bit, as it had all this dancing, running and what not...
I was LOVING when the bikes were going, but the girls running around had me a bit lost as to what the purpose was.  I think it was just part of the Soldiers of Havoc / Metal Mulisha group... but I am not sure... I did see that everyone was getting into it, so maybe it was just something I missed...
The guys with the Lasers and the "bad lady"
At least that is what I gathered...
I will admit, the parts with the ladies dancing and running around had me paying little attention.  I noticed that during those times, Broxton was too busy looking around observing the other fans... but once the bikes came back out, it was all eyes on them!!!!  I do not know if it was because the story line was too mature for him or what, but he wasn't following it.

Either way, we LOVED the loud music, the explosion of the fireworks, the heat of the flames and all of the energy of the riders...   Would we go back?  For sure!!!!  Broxton had to tell everybody about it and my friend and I both enjoyed it!!!!
Broxton loved the loudness of the scene, but his friend thought it was too loud.  I did notice some kids had the noise cancelling earphones, but I did not think it was that loud...
I for sure think if you enjoy the high energy of things such as this, that you need to see the closest area that they will be to you... Head on out and enjoy the show!!!
As soon as I saw that it had people that were in the X-Games in the past, I knew I was going to love it!!
(I was right!)

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  1. What a blast (hahaa, literally) and there you go again getting those fabulous action shots. I'm telling you, my camera blurs when someone moves even their little finger, lol.

    I'm glad you had a good time.

  2. I'm thinking that the show would even hold my attention as an adult! It sounds pretty cool.

  3. Glad you had a fabulous time!
    This is something my son and hubs would love!

  4. Sounds awesome!

    Glad you had a great time, sweetie!


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