Sterling Kids - Watch Me Grow Series

We love to read and I love reading with Broxton.  We were recently sent two new books for us to check out, from the Watch Me Grow Series from Sterling Kids.  
This was a cute book, as it covered Little Chipmunk getting a loose tooth.  At first, he was embarrassed about it, since he new he brushed and flossed, so he did not want anyone to know about it.  He went to the dentist and the dentist explained that he was at the age where he would be losing his baby teeth for his adult teeth to come in.  Broxton is ready for the tooth fairy to come, so we discussed that he has to keep his teeth clean and his teeth healthy, so that the tooth fairy will come when he gets older and it is his time.  This book was great helping me explain about him losing his baby teeth as he gets older!  I already plan to take this one into his class for them to read one day.  (They had dental hygiene "class" the other day, so this works perfect for them to continue the discussion.)

The other book we were sent was Little Raccoon Learns to Share.
In this book, Little Raccoon has a problem in sharing... She was out picking berries and heard her friends planning an impromptu party...  She did not want to come out of the bushes to see her friends, because she did not want to share..   she wanted to go to their party, but once again... did not want to share...
She soon learns that she can share and still enjoy and have a great time!!!  
This was a great book to read with Broxton.  He used to have a really hard time sharing (we are getting much better about it now that he is in school and around other kids.)  We talked about how it was hurtful to friends when you don't share and he was the one talking explaining it to me!  
I think both of these books were great and I honestly can not wait to see what other books come from their Watch Me Grow Series!!!!  
Besides being great books to explain life lessons to young kids, this is also a great book that would make a great gift... I am thinking EASTER!!!!

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  1. I'm thinking you're right about Easter, and I love the illustrations, they remind me of books that made me happy when I was a kid.

  2. I love the books in this series.

  3. These look so cute! What a great series!

  4. I love books with a lesson! The loose tooth one is great. Mica thought something was wrong with him when his first tooth was loose. I didn't even think to talk to him about that.

  5. The illustrations on the covers look cute, too!


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