Talking To Kids - I'm Like You, You're Like Me {Review}

Broxton had never really been around other kids, until we found the church we go to... and until he started school.  It was hard... Our friends either did not have kids, or their kids were older... or they lived to far... or...  or... or....
We would go to the local parks and he would be the only kid there that day...
It was hard... but we did see people out and about...
I wanted him to get to be sociable, like me...
That was why I was so happy when we found his school... he loves it, we love it... and he is social :)
That being said, we have never really talked about people being like us, or different from us. 
I think with the wide mix of children at his school, it is just something he sees and does not think twice about... but I know the conversation will come up one day...

I was excited when we were given the chance to review the book, I'm Like You, You're Like Me by Cindy Gainer.  In this book, we are introduced to kids of all different backgrounds. 
The book starts by pointing out (in text) how we are alike:  "We may be the same age or live on the same street.  We may go to the same school or even have the same name."    But at the same time, it shows us (in illustration) how we are different.  There are 4 kids on the picture with different ethnicity and gender represented. 
It also tells us how we may be different and it is fun to notice the difference we all are. 
I enjoyed reading this with Broxton and we noticed all sorts of things...
One thing I liked was when it spoke about how our bodies were right to us...   and then drove home the point in the illustration by having kids at the beach...  Some were in their swimsuits and others had on clothing... but all were having fun and enjoying the time spent with friends!!!
As we turned each page, I smiled bigger and bigger at the book, knowing that Broxton was learning an important lesson.  We are all different and that is okay, it is what makes us who we are! 
The best part for me? 
Where it tells you that it is unkind to make fun of one another, that it hurts people's feelings and that we should be nice instead! 

At the end of the book, there is an adult guide section.
It breaks it down on how to talk to children after reading the book.
You can discuss: Comparing, Acceptance, Listening, Understanding Self and Others, Kindness and Cooperation! 

I am so glad that we were sent this book.  As much as Broxton enjoys reading, this will help him to see that although we are all different, that is what makes each of us special and what makes us love one another!!!

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