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Although Father's Day is over, I still had to claim this as a "Father's Day" gift when it was delivered the other day.  Big Book Of Who: Football  is a great book for not only kids (it is from Sports Illustrated Kids) but it was a great read for daddies too!
Talk about a great bonding opportunity.

This book says it has " the 101 stars every fan needs to know" so that means it isn't a short book either!  
The contents include:
Record Breakers
Super Scorers
Yardage Kings

This book is very informative.
I love how the format is... 
They start it with a question... 
Then, the paragraph answering it...
They also include photo's of the person they are discussing and then the "Super Stat" number is highlighted in a big circle!

Example - 
Who was named Super Bowl MVP the most times?
(Super Stat ---  122 Super Bowl Passes thrown by ________ without an interception; all other Super Bowl quarterbacks to have thrown 50 or more passes have at least one interception.) 
The answer?  Joe Montana.
They then include a paragraph with informative information about him.

Marc enjoyed reading it...   and I have enjoyed using it for "trivia" with the boys!!
It was pretty neat reading the questions and seeing how many they could get answered correctly... 
Synopsis Press Release: 
Young sports fans will return to again and again to The Big Book of Who: Football as an encyclopedia football resource with the classic touches that Sports Illustrated Kids is famous for— informative age-appropriate writing and world-class action photography.

Featuring gridiron greats like Dan Marino and Emmitt Smith, as well as current players such as Tom Brady, Cam Newton and Ray Lewis, The Big Book of Who: Football highlights football’s greatest:
·         Champions: The players who achieved football’s ultimate prize, many of them more than once.
·         Personalities: Men who are known for more than just the way they play the game on the field.
·         Record Breakers: Players whose feats set the standards by which future accomplishments are measured.
·         Super Scorers: Their specialty is putting the ball either through the uprights, or into the end zone.
·         Yardage Kings: The players who have excelled at moving their teams up and down the field.

This is a great book.
Hard back.  Full of great action shots.  
Full of fun information.

It was great for Marc... great for the boys...
I say this would be great for the "man cave" or even for the bathroom.
(Hey, just being honest here...  Remember, I have 3 tweens/teens, a husband and a brother that just graduated college!)


  1. I have four brothers who probably would eat all that info up!

  2. Hardback books are my favorite. This is one that would be welcomed in our house too. We're all (almost all, my daughter's not) football fans. :)


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