Dead Tree? Thanks!!!!

So, when we first bought our house, we noticed we had a couple of dead tree's on the property.  
We had plans to get them removed, over time...  but then.... 
We had a visit from Code Enforcement... Letting us know that one of our neighbors happened to call and tell them that we were breaking the law.  (We are first time homeowners, so we did not know... nor did we expect this new expense so soon after moving in.)  Well, they told us that we had 10 days to get this removed, or we would have to go to court.
Obviously, we called and had the trees removed.  
We were talking to Broxton about how they would be coming to remove the trees.  He said that a Beaver was going to be getting the trees.  We told him that they would come and cut the tree down and then it would go through a wood chipper.  Once again, he was arguing that it would be a Beaver... 
They came and immediately got right to work.  No wasting time here, they were fast to get the first down and then they went to cleaning up... Before moving on to the next!  They were awesome... and so friendly because I decided that we wanted to keep a couple stumps for the time being and they were so nice about it all...    
They left the mulch right where we asked (we used some and then offered for some of the neighbors to get some to put in their yard.)  
But here is the kicker... 
Remember Broxton was adamant about it being a Beavers job?
Yeah... Look at the name of the machine!!!
Yeah... That is my boy... Smart in his own ways!!!!

Oh... If you are in the Atlanta area and have any tree removal needs... 
Stewart Tree Service was who we used...

****  I was not asked to post this, nor was I compensated in any way... I was just really impressed with them and thought they deserved recognition!!!!  


  1. Ha! I love that he ended up being right!

  2. Wow that is so nice of your new neighbors to do this lol. We just bought our new home and we also have trees that need to be removed. Unfortunately we already hired someone to do this but we need more down and depending on how this guy does I maybe using the ones you did. Thank you for letting me know of a good place because I had no idea who to call!

  3. That's funny that they were called, "Beavers"! He is smart! I bet that was expensive with just buying the house! :( Gee whiz you'd think they'd give you time to move in, and get adjusted to the life as a homeowner.

    We had an Oak tree in our front yard. We took it down ourselves when we first bought our house. It was taking up the sidewalk, the roots could get into the pipes. It would be fine if it were in the backyard. Anyhow the old lady next door said, "My son-in-law planted that tree. It's a really good shade tree." It sort of satisfied her that we planted a sapling in the back. She then said, "What are you putting in it's place?" I said, "A Service Berry Bush also known as a Juneberry Bush." She's like, "I don't know what that even is." You know I've liked that. Neighbor's, you can't please them! She the same one that got mad at Travis for watering our yard and the water hit her driveway. She thought the concrete would get damaged. Silly lady.

    I do have to say I wish our other neighbor's tree would go. It's branches are up by the lines, it's roots push out the retaining wall and it's leaves all fall in my driveway. I say, "My" because I'm the one that sucks them all up. I don't pester them about taking it down though. I just grumble about it every once in awhile.

  4. It was smart keeping the mulch by the way! You'll need that. I could use some myself.

  5. So cute! Glad the tree removal went well!

  6. That's a shame you have to put out that expense already...cute company name though, lol. Wishing you the best!


  7. We had to take trees down right after we moved in too (seems to be a phenomenon, lol).

    Love the beaver on the machine, how funny!

  8. That's funny that those were called beavers. Glad the tree removal went well.


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