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Fresh-squeezed laughs and sexy fun sweeten this critically-acclaimed comedy with an all-star cast, including Leighton Meester, Hugh Laurie, Oliver Platt and Catherine Keener. What does it take to be truly happy? Two suburban families are about to find out when the Ostroffs' rebellious daughter Nina (Meester) returns home and starts an adulterous affair with long-time family friend David Walling (Laurie.) The outrageous scandal reaches hilarious new heights during the holidays and makes these New Jersey neighbors tear apart more than just wrapping paper. Love is a wrecking ball headed straight for The Oranges...and it may just change all of their lives forever.

I do not know about you, but with me, I will some times get a movie to watch just based upon the cast and not even read the synopsis.  That was the case with The Oranges.  I was not really sure what I was getting into, but I saw it had the chic from Gossip Girl, the boy from The O.C. and then that dude from House.  Ha ha (Can't you see how good I am with names?)
Well, I put the movie in ready to see what I was getting into.  I liked the cast, so I knew it had to be pretty good...   As soon as it started, I asked Marc if he got the vibe that Nina had a thing for David.  (It was just that obvious as soon as it started.)

It had a couple of funny parts, but I would not necessarily call it a "funny movie."  It is for sure not one to watch while the kids are up playing...  At least in our house, as it means he has to stop to see what is going on.  I did enjoy the movie, but I wish that they would have let Adam Brody (the guy that played on The O.C.) have more screen time... I just love him!  


  1. I'm not good with names either, but I do like the guy from 'House.' :)


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