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So, we had the coolest thing happen to us the other day... 
We were brought breakfast!  
I have to admit, it was pretty neat...  I was contacted about doing a review for a new (to me) yoghurt...  Of course, I said yes!
Have you heard of Noosa Yoghurt?

The kicker?  They were going to deliver it to me...
I was all about it.. Being served breakfast!
So, we established a day and time....
Then, the morning of, I was super excited...
Of course, it was raining... so not the best start to the day...
But then - this arrived:

The girl that brought my breakfast was super sweet and I felt really bad that she had to drive in the rain... I tell you, people are not the best drivers when it comes to rain in Atlanta.. But then, I saw her car...  and it just looked like fun!!!

Of course, having breakfast brought to us...
I was excited to see what all was in the bag!!!

We had several of the Noosa Honey Yoghurt...   with packs of granola...
There was also strawberry rhubarb yoghurt.  Finally, it included organic o
range juice and organic coffee creamer...

I must admit, I was not eager to try the strawberry rhubarb, nor the honey... 

I would not have picked these flavors at the store... 
I was excited about the strawberry, but was totally unsure about the rhubarb!
I figured I would try the honey and granola for that mornings breakfast...
OH- My- Goodness!!!
It was amazing!!!
It was so thick and creamy.  Full flavored!  It was surprisingly full of flavor and I finished my breakfast full and satisfied!    After the shocker of this one, I knew I wanted to try the strawberry rhubarb for an afternoon snack!!!
It was just as great as the honey!!!
I was so excited that I was sent these to try, as I was amazed...
Broxton has also been enjoying them and I am happy knowing it is a better snack alternative versus chips!!!

I do know that I want to try the peach flavor!!!
As much as I love peaches, I know that this will be great...
I loved how the yoghurts mixed with fruit have just enough of the fruit puree to give it a great flavor without being over powering!!!! 

Check out Noosa, you are sure to love it!!!

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  1. I'd like to try the peach flavor too! I'm a huge yogurt fan!

  2. Looks yum.
    I need to start eating my yogurt again. Right now only the kids eat them.

  3. I use plain yogurt in replacement of sour cream all the time.

  4. My family loves yogurt of any flavours! But I prefer to have mine plain.


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