Shark Week is Over, but the Enjoyment Doesn't Have to Be!!!!

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Several of my friends are really into the whole "Shark Week" and their facebook feed was full of posts about it...  We, on the other hand, have never really gotten into it...  I know... that is a shock to some of you... but hey, I am not saying we never will... We just have not done so ... YET.

We had the chance to review the Sharkopedia book from Discovery Channel and I tell you what.
They were NOT joking when they said it was full of over 400 pictures.
(No, I did not go through and count, but lets be real... There are several pictures on each 2 page spread!) 

I will go ahead and tell you now...
I know  knew nothing about sharks, except to stay far far FAR away from them...
Well, I still know to stay really far away, but now I know all of the reasons WHY!!!!
Just in the first couple of pages, I learned that sharks don't have bones in their body.  
(Kinda creepy, but yep... it allows them to twist their body into smaller spaces.  SCARY!)
Also, they have rows of teeth... so, when they lose a tooth, a new one moves on up from a back row!  
(Gross... but really cool to know that!)This book is really neat in that young people can enjoy the pictures and point at what they want read to them... While older people can flip through and learn really cool facts.
You do not have to read this book like traditional books, front to back, but you can flip and read about whatever shark you want to learn about.
The pages even have little side "blurbs" to help make it interesting and keep things going.
For instance, on one page, it has the outline of an open book... it then says "word" and has a word and definition on there to help explain what you are reading.

We have enjoyed reading this and I can tell that Broxton is really curious about learning more about the sharks.   I think that this will also be a great book to have when the boys come to visit as well!!!!
If you are a shark fan, or are eager to learn more about them... 
Sharkopedia is the book to quench that thirst of knowledge!


  1. That's great he's into sharks. They are fun to learn more about. My boys are into tornadoes and time travel right now thanks to Back to the Future.

  2. I sometimes like the books you can flip to and fro in and not get lost from the story. I like the little side blurbs you mentioned too.

  3. Sharks are such fascinating creatures! Sounds like a great book!


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